Superb Images - Ray Kriegbaum: Blog en-us (C) Superb Images - Ray Kriegbaum (Superb Images - Ray Kriegbaum) Fri, 30 Apr 2021 02:29:00 GMT Fri, 30 Apr 2021 02:29:00 GMT Superb Images - Ray Kriegbaum: Blog 102 120 Found another great place for interesting photos One of my students, Hank, and I were looking for a new place for interesting photos and a friend suggested we try the cigar factories in Ybor City.  With a little research we found the J C Newman Company, one of the last traditional manufacturers of hand rolled cigars left in the "Cigar City". Housed in a hundred year-old building and using hundred year-old machines and methods, they have a museum open to the public daily and and offer tours two days a week.  Check out our gallery of our visit.  Go visit if you can, whether or not you are a cigar affectionado.  They are very helpful, informative and camera-friendly.


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